Aisle Containment


Aisle Containment Systems

Door and ceiling systems for a variety of aisle configurations

Aisle Containment Systems from Emerson Network Power optimize the efficiency, design and operation of your data center infrastructure. Row-based containment solutions support both standard and non-uniform hot/cold aisle applications.

Offerings include: Modular roof and door systems compatible with Emerson Network Power data center racks; Vertical systems for non-uniform  rows and rack heights; and Retractable systems with  a universal door, compatible with uniform rows and racks. All systems are compatible with the SmartAisle intelligent, row-based infrastructure.

  • Variable standard components are interchangeable to create custom solutions
  • Optimize cooling efficiency by up to 30%
  • Increase space efficiency and availability capacity
  • Easy to retrofit to existing hot/cold aisle configuration


  • Configurations to fit uniform and non-uniform aisle configurations
  • Suitable for raised or non-raised floors
  • Retrofit to existing aisle configurations
  • Compatible with Emerson Network Power racks, and racks by other manufacturers

Higher Availability

  • Variable standard components interchangeable to create custom solutions
  • 25+% increase in available cooling capacity by implementing aisle containment
  • Interoperable with SmartAisle solutions for greater infrastructure visibility

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Increase of 30+% cooling efficiency
  • Utilize existing cooling system
  • Payback within a few months to less than two years
  • Low initial investment

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