Liebert XDP-W, XD Water-Based Pumping Unit, 100kW


Liebert XDP-W, XD Water-Based Pumping Unit, 100kW

Water-Based Coolant Pumping Unit

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Liebert XDP-W pumping unit is part of the the highly energy-efficient, high heat density Liebert XD data center cooling system, designed to support Liebert XDR-W rack cooler, and Liebert XDK-W rack enclosure. Liebert XDP-W is an isolating interface between the pumped water and the building chilled water system. Liebert XDP-W may also be used with other brands of rack cooling equipment.

The water-based Liebert XDP-W pumping unit houses the isolating heat exchanger between the Liebert XDR-W or Liebert XDK-W and the building chilled water. It circulates the chilled water to the cooling modules at a temperature always above the actual dew point, to prevent condensation.


  • Isolating pumping unit
  • Serves as an intermediary between the building chilled water circuit and the module/rack circuit
  • Circulates water to Liebert XD cooling modules or enclosures at a temperature always above actual dewpoint


  • Cools more than 25kW per rack.
  • Includes enclosure, pumps, heat exchanger, receiver tank, controls, valves and piping as a packaged unit for easy installation.
  • Allows for scalability for future growth.
  • Offers 60 Hz and 50 Hz models.

Higher Availability

  • Maintains the coolant at a temperature always above the actual dewpoint, to prevent condensation.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Operates with energy efficient redundant pumps.
  • Uses floor space efficiently.

Ideally Suited For

  • Liebert XDR-W and Liebert XDK-W systems
  • Other brands of water-cooled rack equipment

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