Emerson | ASCO 5150 Connectivity Module (Acc 72E)

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ASCO 5150 Connectivity Module (Acc 72E) - Product Information
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ASCO 5150 Connectivity
Module (Acc 72E)

Monitoring Connectivity Module with Power Manager and Remote Annunciator

The ASCO Connectivity Module, Catalog No. 5150 (Acc. 72E), provides easy and reliable Ethernet connectivity to ASCO transfer switches for monitoring.

The 5150 enables an ASCO transfer switch controller and ASCO Power Manager, Catalog No. 5220, to communicate via a single Ethernet IP connection. The reliability and low-cost of the 5150 make it an ideal choice for establishing monitoring to an ASCO transfer switch. It is designed to accommodate up to 8 simultaneous Ethernet connections from various monitoring nodes. It is housed in a compact, rugged housing that is DIN-rail mountable.


Product Features

  • Enables ASCO transfer switch to communicate over an Ethernet network
  • Simultaneously connect and communicate to ASCO 5200 Power Manager
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Port
  • Dual Serial Ports
  • RS-485 Port
  • 2-Wire or 4-Wire RS-485 options
  • Din Rail Mountable
  • Troubleshooting LED indications
    • Device Power
    • RX (Packets Received)
    • TX (Packets Transmitted)
  • Diagnostic alarm indication

The 5150 Ethernet Connectivity Module has the ability of providing a single IP for a controller and power manager. The power manager may be connected via the serial RS-232 port or the RS-485 port.