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Outdoor Terminal Blocks

Connection and distribution blocks environmentally hardened for outdoor applications. 
Fire-resistant blocks used in aerial ready-access closures and buried wire cable pedestals.
Terminal blocks that provide protected or unprotected drop-wire terminal points in ready-access and pedestal closures.
Terminal blocks that are designed for use in outside building terminals, buried cable pedestals, and closures.
Terminal blocks that eliminate accidental shorts. The screw-down blocks can be employed in a wide variety of FDI (Feeder Distribution Interface) and cross-connect applications or building entrance terminals.
Blocks that are used with closures, buried wire, and cable pedestals.
Blocks that provide fast, easy connection of 22 to 26 gauge (.4 to .6 mm) wire.
Units that provide fast, easy connection of 0.4- to 0.6-mm (22- to 26-AWG) wires on both sides of blocks.
Cartridges that provide 10 pairs of on-board primary over-voltage protection for the indoor and outdoor URLS 10 terminal blocks.
Indoor or outdoor 10-pair terminal blocks that connect solid copper communications wire using insulation displacement connections, made without removing the insulation from the wire.

Terminal blocks that provide an insulation displacement connection  solution for distribution terminal and cross-connect applications.

NetSpan Integrated
FTTx Solutions

NetSpan Solutions provide a comprehensive range of fiber distribution hubs (FDH) and pedestals that allow you to maximize your copper network through hybrid solutions.
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