FiberSeal 12B Splice Closure


FiberSeal 12B Splice Closure

Closures for Above- and Below-Grade Applications

The Emerson FiberSeal™ 12B is a sealed fiber optic splice closure that delivers an airtight, water-tight environment for both above- and below-grade (not direct buried) applications. FiberSeal 12B accommodates up to 12 fiber splices for main cables with up to 0.59-in. outer cable diameter. The unit has two main cable ports and four fiber drop ports. All are equipped with port plugs for unused ports and a fiber optic splice tray. Once assembled, the FiberSeal 12B delivers a hermetic seal that is achieved by simply turning the dome onto the base; no additional operations, products, or tools are required. The FiberSeal 12B resists all types of acidic, soil, and ultraviolet degradation, as well as other corrosive materials.
  • Protects fiber splices from environmental conditions, including air and water
  • Design permits quick and efficient installation and re entry
  • Until specific splice tray permits two-sided splicing and express storage of additional fibers
  • Grounding system provides two primary points for common and isolation grounding of main cables and drops
  • Flexible grommets accommodate various main fiber cable diameter ranges and multiple fiber drops
  • Main cable express capabilities allow main cable expressing of additional fibers while permitting multiple fiber drops
  • Compact design
  • No encapsulants required

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