NetSpan FDH Compact Series


NetSpan FDH Compact Series Integrated Fiber Distribution Hub

As an extension to the recently released NetSpan™ FDH cabinets, our fiber cross-connect products have evolved into our line of ProFORM pedestals. This compact fiber distribution solution provides connections for fiber optic cables and passive optical splitters in FTTx applications. NetSpan FDH Solutions are ideal as a Local Convergence Point (LCP) for aggregation in a centralized splitting Passive Optical Network (PON) FTTx architecture.
 A 72-port FDH Compact Series is available in the ProFORM 10. The ProFORM 12 houses 96 and 144-port configurations.   Utilizing 1x32 splitter modules, these high density, lower port count FDH products allow for smaller and more cost effective deployment of fiber distribution hubs when compared to the conventional FDH cabinets. The smaller distribution count allows for deployment deeper into the network, and is ideal for MDU applications. Since these pedestals are buried directly in the ground, the normal cost associated with a concrete pad is eliminated. Another benefit of these FDH pedestals is the flood-proof feature offered by using the ProFORM pedestal.
  • FDH closure allows for flexible mounting options: pedestal (flood proof), pad, pole, vault or wall (indoor or outdoor)
  • Lower deployment cost by not having a separate closure/cabinet to splice the FDH cables
  • Accommodates high-density, high performance 1x32, 1x16, 1x8, 2x32 & 2x16 modular optical GR1221-1209 PLC splitters
  • Splitter modules have pre-parked jumpers
  • Available in 72, 96 & 144 fiber distribution configurations
  • Complete fiber management with radius limiting spools
  • GR326 compliant termination
  • Self-intuitive fiber routing
  • PLC Splitter Module

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