NetReach XC UN Swing-Out Series


NetReach XC UN Swing-Out Series

Cross-Connect Interface Systems for up to 5400 Pairs

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The NetReach™ XC UN Swing-Out Series (formerly Universal Series) is a cross-connect interface system featuring a center-feed horizontal jumper run for efficient installation of jumpers. The cabinets can be equipped with either the RLS50 self-strip or CQF50 terminal blocks, and are available in pair counts of up to 5400 pairs.  NetReach XC cabinets are intended for use as a serving area interface or in a standard cross-connect application for feeder and distribution cables.
  • Choice of 50-pair RLS50 self-strip or CQF50 binding terminal blocks for application flexibility
  • Hinged, swing-out, split-block field for easy and complete access to splice chambers
  • High dielectric urethane compound expands and contracts with temperature variations for added corrosion protection and insect resistance
  • Moisture and insect barrier to eliminate need for pea gravel
  • Overhanging rain guards, closed-cell neoprene door gaskets, and screened louvers keep out moisture, minimize condensation, and provide weather protection
  • Interior and exterior powder-coat paint process for extended life
  • Simplified split-drawer base for easy cabinet installation and rehabilitation
  • Single cabinet mounting footprint for all sizes to reduce pad requirement

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