NetReach XC Low-Count, Swing-Out Series


NetReach XC Low-Count, Swing-Out Series

Economical Cabinets for Low-Pair-Count Applications

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The NetReach™ XC Low-Count, Swing-Out Series of single-access cross-connect interface cabinets is an economical alternative for low-pair-count applications. The LCSO Series is a gray-green or off-white metal cross-connect cabinet equipped with a hinged grill, test cord, wire spool, two stakes, and recessed pad-mounting BA12 brackets. It can accommodate 100 to 900 pairs, using 50-pair blocks, with the choice of RLS50 or CQF50 blocks for application flexibility.
  • Three-point door latch that provides extra security
  • Pad- or stake-mounting options
  • Interior and exterior powder-coat paint application for extended life
  • Rugged metal housing for durability and low maintenance costs
  • Choice of 50-pair RLS50 self-strip or binding terminal CQF-type blocks for application flexibility

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