NetReach XC Expander Series


NetReach XC Expander Series

Heavy Gauge Expansion Equipment for Cross-Connect Cabinets

The NetReach™ XC Expander Series allows an existing pad-mounted cross-connect cabinet to expand from its original size without disrupting service. Made of heavy gauge mill-galvanized steel, this quick- and easy-to-install cabinet is mounted on an existing pad or standard footprint pad.
The Expander Series increases the termination capability for an existing in-service Emerson Network Power or other cross-connect cabinet, without interrupting customer service. It is available with RLS, CQF terminal blocks equipped with either 710 CF, 3M® MS2 4005 DPM or 4005 CBM connectors for field splicing.
  • Economical solution that saves 50-70 percent over traditional cabinet replacements
  • Either RLS25, RLS50 self-strip or BT25, CQF50 binding terminal blocks are installed
  • Overhanging rain guards, closed-cell neoprene door gaskets, and screened louvers for environmental protection
  • Industry standard footprint mounting (37.88” x 8.5”) for maximum versatility in the field
  • Quick and easy installation structure to reduce installation expense and labor costs
  • Eliminates service interruption or circuit downtime to reduce installation expense and labor costs

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