NetReach XC Aerial Series


NetReach XC Aerial Series

Integrated Interface Systems for Feeders and Distribution Cables

The pole-mounted, drop-down NetReach™ XC Aerial Series is an integrated interface system consisting of a housing, terminal field, and cable to provide the interface between feeder and distribution cables. The unit is available with up to 2,700 pairs utilizing 50-pair CQF (Connector Quiet Front) screw terminal blocks or RLS IDC (Insulation Displacement Connection) terminal blocks. The CQF50 blocks are wire-wrapped and encapsulated with high dielectric, flexible resin.
The RSK/RSL and RBK/RBL aerial cross-connect cabinets are equipped with a drop-down grill, test cord, jumper wire and spool, pair identification labels, and other accessories. RSK/RSL units contain RLS50 50-pair self-strip IDC terminal blocks for rapid pair-at-a-time no-strip jumpering. RBK/RBL cabinets have CQF50 50-pair silo-type "quiet front" screw-type terminal blocks up to 900 pairs to eliminate accidental disruption of service from moisture bridges, hits, and shorts.
  • CQF50 terminal blocks or RLS50 IDC terminal blocks for fast and easy pair-at-a-time, no-strip jumpering
  • Stabilizer braces to maintain pole position
  • Top or bottom entrance ports for aerial or buried cables
  • High dielectric potting compound expands and contracts with temperature variations
  • Three-point locking system for cabinet security
  • Drop-down block-field for easy, complete access to splice chamber
  • Overhanging rain guards, closed-cell neoprene door gaskets, and screened louvers keep out moisture, minimize condensation, and restrict insect entry
  • “T” pole-mounting bracket permits easy installation
  • Climb-assist handles for safety

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