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Automated Shutdown Software

A full line of power communications software and hardware products provides both network enabled and dedicated out-of-band options for each level of power protection.

Automated shutdown software that perfectly complements a Liebert UPS system, preventing unexpected server shutdowns and minimizing downtime. The software provides unattended, orderly shutdown for one computer or many, and is especially effective with large server farms. Available for most popular operating systems, Liebert MultiLink has full event management and displays UPS instrumentation on screen.
Relay contact multiplexing unit that communicates the On Battery and Low Battery status of a single UPS to connected PC's, servers, or workstations. The user-installable, hot-swappable card provides UPS communications to a host computer and up to four additional computer systems with the Liebert IntelliRack multiplexing unit or UPS systems equipped with the Liebert Intellislot communication port.
Multiplexing unit with Liebert MultiPort4 cards that communicates the On Battery and Low Battery status of a single UPS to multiple PCs, servers, or workstations utilizing dedicated wiring. Each Liebert IntelliRack with a maximum of five MultiPort 4 cards installed can support up to 20 computer systems and these units can be daisy-chained together to accommodate a virtually unlimited number of computers.
Redundant UPS Interface that allows network managers to create their own high availability power system using existing UPS systems. The system eliminates false shutdown signals that occur when separate UPS systems are used to power computers with redundant power supplies.
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