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Trellis™ Platform
Thermal Management Solution

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The Trellis™ Thermal Management Solution provides the software, wireless sensors and services needed to get your data center running in the most environmentally efficient manner. With this solution, you can analyze and monitor real-time conditions to manage capacity and uptime in order to make important decisions that prevent unnecessary downtime and costly outages.

With the Trellis™ Thermal Management Solution, you are able to:
  • Visualize thermal heat maps to display hot and cold spots in real-time
  • Balance cooling capacity with IT load
  • Determine the best location to add new IT devices
  • Turn-off or eliminate unneeded inefficient cooling units
  • Improve thermal conditions leading to unwanted downtime

The Trellis™ Thermal Management solution package is tailored to:

  • Achieve quicker response time to issues that threaten business operations
  • Reduce operating costs by providing the right amount of cooling
  • Maintain temperature profiles for certifications, regulations, or contracts
  • Adhere to ASHRAE guidelines.


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