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Chloride CP-70R Rectifier - Charger, 16 to 2500 A​

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The Chloride CP-70R industrial rectifier-battery charger is the flagship rectifier of Chloride Industrial Power. It has been designed to withstand the harshest electrical and mechanical operating conditions. It combines conservative design topology with proven digital control technology to offer the best performances in any situation.

It is available from 25A to 250A in single-phase input configuration, and from 16 to 2500A in three-phase input configuration.
It is also available with a 400 Vdc output. This configuration can be combined with the Chloride CP-70i inverter range to design specific high rating double conversion AC UPS systems (up to 500 kVA).

The Chloride CP-70R is designed to meet the harshest electrical and mechanical conditions in industrial environments.
Interchangeable sub-assemblies allow full customization, in compliance with client’s technical specification and project’s documentation requirements.

This product was formerly known as Chloride Excel Apodys.

Best for use in the following sectors:

  • Transmission and Primary Distribution substations
  • Conventional Power generation
  • Oil & Gas (Upstream and Downstream)
  • Transportation infrastructures
  • Continuous process
  • Digital control technology with DSP and internal CAN bus
  • LCD graphical display with active mimic diagram
  • Natural ventilation on most of the range
  • Continuous operation at full load in all operating conditions
  • System design life of at least 20 years in continuous operating conditions
  • Advanced battery care, including compatibility with NiCad and Lead Acid batteries
  • Wide range of optional extras
  • Front access to all vital modules of the system for easy maintenance
Key Features
  • Tailor made system to comply with all customer’s specifications
  • Complete power protection solution, including switchgear, DC distribution, monitoring suite
  • Ruggedized solutions for demanding environments: extended temperatures, vibrations, dust, elevation, dripping water and moisture