Inverter Module - Lorain IS 6000


Lorain IS 6000

Expandable AC Power Systems for Telecom Applications

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The modular design of the Lorain® IS 6000 provides for easy expansion from 1kVA up to a 6kVA maximum output depending on the configuration required. The system can be purchased with  either a 2,4 or 6kVA cabinet output. The compact, hot-pluggable 1kVA inverter modules provide a pure sine wave 120VAC output from a 48VDC input. The DC input can be field configured as either a single DC input feed or an individual DC input feed for flexibility. An optional static switch maintenance bypass panel is available that can provide an additional layer of protection against losing the power to your load. This 23" relay rack mounted system provides large system benefits in a small footprint.
  • Modular design permits expansion of the system in 1kVA increments
  • Control circuitry built into each inverter improves system reliability by eliminating the need for a central controller
  • Systems can be configured up to 5kVA with redundancy
  • System cabinet is pre-wired for system expansion as AC load requirements increase
  • Static transfer switch/maintenance bypass panel available
  • Modules are hot-pluggable and can be added or removed without shutting down the system
  • LACP100A AC Distribution Panel

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