Lorain BD 800

Lorain BD 800

Battery Disconnects for +24 VDC or –48 VDC Battery String Protection

The Lorain BD 800 is a modular Battery Disconnect providing disconnection and overcurrent protection for +24 VDC or –48 VDC battery strings. Disconnects are available in single and dual positions. Over-current protection is provided by a user-specified fuse or breaker rated from 300 amps to 800 amps per position. A shunt, included with the over-current protection device, measures charge and discharge current and can be monitored by a NetSure™ 701, NetSure™ 700, Lorain VPS or LVS MCA, Emerson monitoring equipment, or any monitoring system using a 25 mV shunt input. The disconnect can be wall mounted or 23-in. rack mounted as required. Breakers equipped with voltage trip coils can be used to satisfy code requirements for EPO circuits.

The built-in shunt measures charge and discharge current for the batteries. Battery damage is prevented and battery life is increased with the use of a built-in Vortex shunt card and an optional NetSure™ 701, NetSure™ 700, Lorain VPS or LVS with the MCA set up to limit battery recharge current. Voltage trip breakers permit remote operation. An EPO switch can be connected to this disconnect to comply with local and national fire codes (NEC).

Safety and security features include a cover that can be locked in place during maintenance operations to prevent access to the battery breakers or fuses. A door alarm switch provides a set of contacts that will change state whenever the door is opened. Any access or operation of the door can be monitored using this feature. The door latch can also be tool-secured for restricted access.

The Emerson Network Power Battery Disconnect is ideal for a data center, wireless site or central office applications. For additional specification, engineering or installation information, specify model Lorain BD 800, specification number 586400100 for disconnect.

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  • Current monitoring is provided by a 25mV shunt included within each breaker and fuse
  • Voltage trip breakers permit remote shutdown/disconnect
  • Safety features include a Lock Out-Tag Out (LO/TO) attachment point and a door latch that is toolsecured for restricted access
  • Alarm options include a Form C, CBA/FA alarm and a door open alarm
  • An LED indicator provides a visual display of the status of the breaker/fuse for each position
  • Disconnect assists in compliance with local codes
  • Small footprint and multiple wiring attachment points allow for ease of installation

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