AC to 400V DC Power Systems

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400V DC Power Systems

Emerson Network Power has developed a new line of 400V DC power systems to address emerging applications in telecommunications, data centers, and commercial buildings. Built on proven topologies, including modular, hot-swappable rectifiers and converters, these systems provide a low cost of operation on top of exceptional NetSure™ reliability.

 The 120kW NetSure 9500 DC Power System is designed for applications operating up to 400V DC, such as at 380V DC.​​
The flexible NetSure 4015 30 kW 400 VDC power system is designed for easy deployment in lab evaluations and field trials within telecom central offices, data centers or commercial building microgrids.
The NetSure™ 721 with 400V DC input converts 400V DC power to -48V DC. It is designed to power -48V equipment at sites with 400V DC distribution, such as telecom central offices.​