Network UPS - Uninterruptible Power


Network Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

True on-line uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems support data center power for network servers, bridges, hubs, routers, storage devices, and critical workstations.

Designed for use with workstations, servers, networks, telecommunications equipment or other sensitive electronics.
Mid-sized, three-phase UPS system that delivers complete, centralized power protection for mission-critical systems. Designed to meet the high availability power needs of a wide variety of IT applications, the UPS combines compact size, advanced operating features and low cost of ownership.
True on-line, double conversion, three-phase UPS system with Softscale™ technology  that provides a scalable solution for growing data centers. The UPS allows growth from 40 to 60 to 80 kVA, and from 80 to 100 to 120 kVA. The UPS may also be paralleled for additional capacity or for redundant operation.