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Norton Healthcare

In the 1980s, Norton Healthcare inherited a basement data center to support mainframe computer systems. By 2006, the 35-year-old data center, which supported the organization’s 13,000 users and 400 servers, had reached its power capacity. Norton Healthcare overhauled its data center design to establish a power, cooling and monitoring infrastructure capable of supporting blade servers, virtualized servers, IP telephony systems, and electronic medical records.

Case Summary
Location : Louisville, Ky.


  • Liebert Series 610 Uninterruptible Power Systems
  • Liebert Npower UPS System
  • Liebert FPC Power Conditioning and Distribution Cabinet
  • Liebert Foundation Distribution Cabinets
  • Liebert STS2 Static Transfer Switch
  • Liebert Challenger 3000 Data Center Cooling System
  • Liebert DS Precision Cooling System
  • Liebert Deluxe System/3 Precision Cooling System
  • Liebert SiteScan Monitoring Software

Critical Needs
Completely re-build a data center infrastructure with a robust power, cooling and monitoring solutions capable of supporting a healthcare network.


  • Doubled power capacity to establish a redundant power infrastructure to support more than 1,000 servers and future technologies.
  • Increased cooling efficiency by establishing a hot-aisle/cold-aisle configuration capable of cooling high heat-density blade servers.
  • Gained visibility of all environmental conditions and enabled proactive, preventative maintenance strategy through implementation of real-time monitoring.

  To read more, download the Norton Healthcare case study

Norton Healthcare is the Louisville area’s largest hospital and health care system by market share, and third largest private employer. The not-for-profit system includes four large hospitals in Louisville, with a fifth under construction and scheduled to open in August 2009; 11 Norton Immediate Care Centers; 9,800 employees; nearly 300 employed medical providers at some 60 locations; and nearly 2,000 total physicians on its medical staff. Norton Healthcare serves patients in the Louisville Metro area, including Southern Indiana, and throughout Kentucky.

“ We installed the first unit during a weekend, and removed it without any interruption to their operations. A few weeks later, we installed the second UPS, and since then they’ve had true redundancy.”
Timothy Graham,
Liebert Representative at Climate Conditioning Company, Inc.