Liebert Case Study - Megadata



Megadata of Bohemia, New York, built a worldwide flight data network (the PASSUR network) with an accompanying suite of software to provide airlines and airports with independent, reliable, and timely data on flights. Many of the largest airlines and airports in the world use PASSUR to improve operations and provide better information to passengers.

Case Summary
Location : Bohemia, New York

Liebert GXT uninterruptible power

Critical Need
Provide complete data center power protection for flight data network.

According to John R. Keller, the executive vice president of engineering at Megadata, Liebert UPS systems have kept the Megadata system up and running through several outages. Electrical power may fail, and blizzards and fog may disrupt schedules, but the Megadata PASSUR system continues to report accurate, real-time data on the position of any plane within its reach.

“When things go from bad to worse, the airlines count on us for help. That’s why our computers are backed up by Liebert on-line UPStation GXT UPS systems,” explained Keller.

 To read more, download the Megadata case study