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Process Industries

In the manufacturing sector, some UPS systems need to be installed close to the production lines to ensure constant power protection to loads.

In the semiconductors or silicon wafer industry, UPS systems need utmost reliability to ensure production lines are not stopped, which could result in both production losses and equipment destruction. Special IP level are required to install UPS systems into clean rooms.

In the cement, aluminium smelters, and mining industries, UPS systems must provide secure power to the process control while operating in harsh environmental conditions (dust). It is therefore advised to implement UPS systems of at least IP42 level in order to safely protect the load.

In the pulp and paper industry, the anti-corrosive treatment of mechanical parts as well as the electrical connections are key to ensure continuous power to the process.

There is a specific UPS need for any plant floor application. Chloride Industrial Power can provide you with the right solution according to the electrical design of the plant (earthing network, centralized or distributed power system) and with regards to the environmental conditions.