Chloride Industrial Power



Chloride Electrical is founded in Manchester, England, by William Mather, a pioneer in the new electrical technology. His firm, Mather & Platt, has acquired the English rights to the Edison dynamo in 1883 and has become a leader in electric traction equipments.


Chloride is now a global leader in battery technology and sets up its first plant in Asia (Shamnagar, India)
1960  The Chloride Electrical Storage Company Limited (Chloride group) is a holding company with an authorized capital of £7.5M. The company has some 35 subsidiaries in the UK, most of which being wholly owned, and 22 subsidiaries and associated companies in overseas countries.
1968 Chloride Group receives the Queen's Award to Industry for Export Achievement.
1978  Chloride acquires Coredel (France), specialized in power conversion systems (chargers, rectifiers, UPS).
1980s Chloride Group starts its diversification by focusing its activity on power electronics (mostly UPS)
1987 Chloride Group acquires Powerline Group (UK), specialized in power supplies and UPS distribution.
1989  The Chloride Power Electronics is created around 4 product lines: Office, Computer, Industrial, Oneac.
1991 Chloride Group obtains ISO 9001 Certification
1993  Chloride launches the very innovative LIFE program (Long-distance Insurance For Energy) which enables the remote monitoring of its equipment via telephone line.
1998 The industrial division of Chloride France becomes Chloride Industrial Systems
2000  Chloride Group acquires Masterguard, the power protection division of Siemens AG.
2005  Agreement to invest in the Indian-based company DB Power in order to increase presence in the region. The acquisition is finalized in 2009.
2007  Chloride Group acquires Masterpower Ltd (Aberdeen, UK)
2009  Chloride strengthens its position in the Energy sector with 3 acquisitions: Custom Power (Houston, USA), Emergency Power Systems (Sheffield, UK) and AEES (Lyon, France)

Emerson Electric acquires Chloride in September 2010.

2012 Consolidation of Chloride France SA (Chloride Industrial Systems) and AEES SA legal entities to become Emerson Network Power Industrial Systems. Chloride and AEES are now product brands.