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Battery Maintenance and Replacement

Prevent downtime with proactive monitoring, testing, maintenance and replacement of your batteries.

In the event of a power outage, a single bad cell in a string of batteries could compromise your entire backup system and leave you without protection. Frequent battery inspections identify weak or failing batteries. Periodic assessments of the cell and string state of health help identify when batteries need replaced to ensure system reliability.

How can you be sure your batteries will be there, ready to perform in the event of an outage? Work with Emerson’s battery specialists to design a maintenance plan based on recommended testing and procedures that meet the requirements of NETA, IEEE, and/or NERC depending on your application. With our end-to-end battery management services, you can expect:

Battery Testing, Maintenance & Monitoring

  • National service network of battery experts available 24/7
  • Comprehensive maintenance and testing according to NETA, IEEE and/or NERC PRC-005-02
  • State-of-the art load testing equipment and software tools
  • Experience with thousands of VLRA, VLA and NiCad battery testing projects
  • Extensive reports and documentation to help with NFPA 70E and NERC compliance
  • Monitoring capabilities for early identification of defects and degradation

Battery Replacement

  • Competitive prices on all manufacturers’ batteries
  • Extensive inventory for same-day shipping of replacements when needed
  • Hassle-free removal and proper disposal of spent batteries with management of regulatory paperwork