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Retro Commissioning

Emerson Network Power’s retrocommissioning services encompass both comprehensive assessment services as well as training on recommended improvements to ensure continued optimal operations.

Retrocommissioning, similar to commissioning but performed on existing buildings, is a systematic process for identifying less-than-optimal performance in your facility. Building owners and facility managers both stand to gain from the retrocommissioning process. It can lower building operating costs by reducing demand and energy consumption. It can also increase equipment life and improve tenant satisfaction by increasing the comfort and safety of occupants.

Emerson’s retrocommissioning begins with a comprehensive assessment to Identify operations and maintenance and energy-efficiency improvement opportunities.  Services can also include a review of existing building documentation and recommendations for enhancing document including systematic operating procedures.  Finally, operator training is available to help ensure any improvements are sustainable.

In addition to Retrocommissioning Services these additional assessments are available to help improve overall power and cooling efficiencies.

CFD Design Verification
Cooling Assessment
Data Center Efficiency Assessment
Electrical Assessment​