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Remote Technical Account Manager

Scalable services address tactical and strategic needs of DCIM solutions. 

DCIM Operations Services from Emerson Network Power, provide the cross-domain expertise that can help bridge those best practices voids, to establish an operational culture of follow-through and continual improvement required for a fully realized DCIM deployment. These services are scalable to address the tactical and strategic needs for best exploitation of the sites DCIM solution investment.

The Remote Technical Account Manager (RTAM) provides management oversight, staff mentoring, best practices and value context for the deployed DCIM solution. This resource is a full participant in the planning, execution, monitoring and analysis of the sites DCIM strategy, providing an unbiased informed resource to help achieve the organizations cross-domain DCIM objectives and goals.

Additionally, Online Subscription-based Reporting enables remote creation of power / cooling infrastructure performance and compliance reporting, leveraging Emerson Network Power expertise to meet business operational reporting needs.