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Protective Relays

Make sure your protective relays are ready when you need them.

A relay may only need to operate for a fraction of a second in its 30-year lifespan. But when it's needed, it has to perform. If it doesn't, the result could be extensive damage, extended power outages and loss of life.

Emerson Network Power offers extensive preventive maintenance services for protective relays. Extensive testing is performed based on accepted industry standards and NETA procedures. From inspecting for mechanical problems to performing function tests, our team will make sure your relays are ready when and if you need them.


Properly maintaining your protective relays will:

  • Minimize system downtime and nuisance device operations
  • Avoid equipment damage or failure through increased system protection
  • Isolate faulty circuits without loss of power to other parts of the system
  • Identify and recommend corrective action for underprotected equipment
  • Ensure safety of personnel
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