Liebert PEX


Liebert PEX

Efficiency and Reliability In A Compact Package

This product is available only in Australia and New Zealand

The Liebert PEX is the Next Generation Precision Environmental Control System from Emerson Network Power. It is a result of extensive research and development, conducted with leading environmental control experts, consultants and major corporations. A wide range of standard units offered from 20 KW to 100 KW in Upflow & Downflow Configurations.

Key Features Contributing To the Superior Efficiency Of The Liebert PEX

  1. EC Fan
    The EC fan technology regulates airflow and reduces the fan input power. In-floor configuration further reduces energy consumption in downflow units. This significantly reduces energy consumption and provides longer component life. Managed through Liebert iCOM controls, EC fans deliver airflow for the optimal operating conditions for IT equipment.
  2. Digital Scrolll Compressor
    Liebert PEX with Digital Scroll Technology is highly reliable and is designed to achieve efficiency with flexibility and to lower TCO. The use of digital scroll technology actively manages capacity modulation from 20 percent to 100 percent. During the loaded state, cooling units consume full load power. On the other hand, during the unloaded state, the units run freely, consuming only about 10 percent of the full load.
  3. iCON Controller
    The teamwork mode in the iCOM Controller, a key feature of the Liebert PEX, ensures efficiency by allowing multiple units to work together as a single system to optimize room performance.
  4. Infrared Humidifier
    The Infrared Humidifier has been a feature on Liebert environmental control systems for over 45 years. Its rapid response and the ability to handle varying water conditions has made it an industry standard in applications that demand precise, particle-free humidity control.
  5. Dual Cool Option
    This option a provides a second coil that utilises the central building Chiller system water supply. The unit can function either as a DX (compressorized) or a Chilled water system. During times when the chiller supply is available compressorized operation is eliminated, reducing energy costs. In addition this option can provide increased redundancy and flexibility to the environmental control system.
  6. Free Cool Option
    Optional GLYCOOL free-cooling system permits compressorless operation in colder ambient conditions.

Key Features:

Energy Efficiency

  • Infrared Humidifier for precise humidity control
  • iCOM controller for optimized room performance
  • Combined technologies of EC Fan and Digital Scroll Compressor yield higher level of efficiency
  • EC Fan with infloor configuration
  • Efficient dehumidification cycle

Space Savings

  • 15% more kW per square meter compared to industry average
  • Requires nothing more than direct front access
  • Downflow EC fans serviceable from above floor without disturbing the raised floor
  • Units can be dismantled and reassembled for difficult site jobs

Communications and Monitoring

  • Teamwork Mode allows units to work together in rooms with unbalanced loads
  • Spare parts list allows speedy identification of parts
  • Unit diary shares history with any authorized users or service contacts

System Supervision and Management

  • Enhanced remote communications and control with Liebert Intellislot card
  • Centralized Management with Liebert Nforms software
  • Enterprise Management with Liebert SiteScan Web Software

Multiple Configurations

  • Twelve different configurations for Upflow and Downflow units
  • Configure for your specific needs

Dual Cool

  • Second coil that utilizes the central building Chiller system  water supply
  • Unit can function either as a DX (compressorized) or a Chilled water system
  • Reduces energy cost
  • Increases redundancy and flexibility to the environmental control system

Free Cool

  • Glycol Free Cool System
  • Unit can function as a DX (compressors), or Free Cool or mixed for energy savings
  • Reduces energy costs in colder climates


  • Telecommunication Facilities
  • Electronic Switch rooms
  • Industrial Process Control Rooms
  • Motor Control Rooms
  • Broadcast Facilities
  • Building Services Control Rooms
  • Surveillance and monitoring Centers
  • Medical Equipment Installations
  • Fan and Drive
    The innovative belt drive system automatically provides the correct belt tension when operating speed has been reached, eliminating slippage and greatly extending belt life. No tools necessary to change the belt.
  • Energy Efficiency
    PeX units have achieved greater energy efficiency through the use of computer modeling techniques, combined with the synergistic matching of components. Units can be supplied with the R22 or the R407C refrigerant.
  • Smallest Footprint
    The unit's inherent design, together with the ability to undertake all service work from the front of the unit rather than from the side or rear, results in minimal space requirements and the possibility of placing units side by side or against walls.
  • Modular Construction
    Three-bay and larger units may be constructed as your load capacity grows. The PeX units are formed on the basis of one-bay and two-bay building blocks, so you can rely on the PeX to grow with your requirements.
  • Superior Serviceability
    The front doors can be quickly and easily removed via the bayonet style hinge mechanism enabling components to be easily accessed. This significantly simplifies maintenance and servicing.
  • Cleanliness and Structural Rigidity
    PeX units incorporate double-skinned inner side panels to increase structural rigidity and improve internal cleanliness.
  • Energy Efficiency
    PeX units have achieved greater energy efficiency through the use of computer modeling techniques, combined with the synergistic matching of components. Units can be supplied with the R22 or the R407C refrigerant.
  • Compatible With Advanced Networking
    The In-System-Programming (ISP) feature allows direct uploading of programming information from the Service Engineer's laptop, without the need to change-out memory chips.
  • Easy Assembly at Site
    Access to difficult sites and elevator limitations are no longer a worry. The PeX units can be delivered as separate modules and assembled on site. There is no need to disassemble for delivery, saving on both time and labour.
  • High Reliability
    Proven, quality components are used throughout, and careful consideration given to their service requirements, thus ensuring minimum downtime.
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