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ASCO 4000 Series Power Control System

Industrial/Critical Power Control System

The ASCO 4000 Series Power Control System is an advanced, multiple-engine power control solution that starts, synchronizes, load shares, monitors and protects emergency standby, and prime power systems. It offers ASCO's unsurpassed engine control and load management expertise, allowing users to parallel up to eight engines and manage up to 64 automatic transfer switches; to control a power system from easy-to-operate screens locally at the system, or monitor remotely from a control center anywhere in the world over a LAN, WAN or the Internet.

FeaturesProduct Features

The feature-rich 4000 Series provides functionality previously found only in switchgear for business-critical applications. Now, many of those functions are available for facilities needing emergency, standby, and prime power.

Powerful features of the generator paralleling switchgear include:
  • ASCO's next-generation digital control platform, which expands the boundaries of operation, control and communication.
  • Compatibility with multiple brands of engine-generators,
  • Compatibility with multiple brands of circuit breakers.
  • Generator load demand control,
  • Bus optimization.
  • Load management.
  • Sophisticated communications capabilities,
  • Redundant processors as standard equipment for ensuring continuous, reliable operation,
  • Automated manual paralleling of engines with a graphical synchroscope.
  • Remote diagnostics for convenience.
  • Remote system monitoring and control,
  • kW load sharing,
  • Var/PF sharing.
  • Real time information for timely, accurate decision making,
  • Data trending,
  • Compact flash card and slot for quick and easy screen capture.
  • Constructed and labeled to the strict UL1558 standard.
  • Smaller footprint that responds to increasingly tight space constraints.
  • Nationwide, 24x7x365 support from ASCO Services—the largest power transfer and generator paralleling control switchgear service company coast to coast.

System flexibility empowers you as never before.

Now you can customize the paralleling control switchgear using a variety of configurable modules based on a standard engineering design.

Create exactly the power control solution you want, whether for two, three, four or up to eight engine-generators.

The modules reduce lead and delivery times, and facilitate installation and start up, so customize a system to your requirements and still meet tight deadlines.

You also have the freedom to specify the circuit breakers and engine-generators you prefer, giving you the flexibility to configure exactly the system you want.
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