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ASCO Series 300 
Power Control System

Commercial Applications

Sophisticated functionality

The ASCO Series 300 Power Control System is a standardized generator paralleling system offering the sophisticated functionality normally found in custom designs.

  • Automatic Load management control. One priority block per generator, eight loads per priority block.
  • Reliably starts, synchronizes, parallels, monitors and protects engine- generator sets for prime power and emergency power applications.Automatically manages power transfer for up to eight priority one and eight priority two loads.
  • Smoothly integrates engine-generator sets and power transfer switches.
  • Includes communication ports that provide internet and intranet access to system status and functions.Provides full, self-contained configurability. No need for a laptop.
  • Easy to install, set up, commission, operate and service.
Reliable performance

Series 300 Power Control System

The ASCO Series 300 Power Control System offers wide-ranging features that make your facility’s emergency power system more effective and efficient.

Digital microprocessor-based technology streamlines and simplifies total generator load control and engine management. The entire control system fits into one enclosure.

The technology is compatible with engines equipped with an electronic engine speed controller and voltage regulator.

A significantly smaller footprint meets the demanding requirements of tight or unconventional floor spaces.

Quicker manufacturing lead times and standardized configuration produce faster delivery.

Door-mounted, software-based display screens communicate easy-to-understand information in less space.

Digital metering measures voltage, amps, watts and frequency. It also includes protective relay functions as standard features.

Drawout insulated-case circuit breakers that parallel the generator to the emergency bus are an integral part of the system’s design.

The individual generator circuit breakers are available from 800A up to 3,000A standard frame sizes. It, of course, meets or exceeds the requirements of UL 891 and applicable standards of NEMA, IEEE, and ANSI. The system is labeled UL 891.
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Local area networks and remote networks are supported with either single or multiple points of access, and web-enabled communications allow access to your power system from anywhere in the world. Learn how your ASCO communications products allow for the monitoring and control of your emergency or standby power distribution system.
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