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Gas Valve Relay Panels

ASCO relay control panels were originally designed to New York City Board of Education specifications to operate ASCO DC solenoid valves controlling gas flow to school kitchens, domestic cooking classes, ceramic and metal shops.

Because of its many features and silent operation, the ASCO relay panel has also been used in many other similar institutions and schools outside New York City. Some city governments have also acknowledged the need to better control gas and fluid supply and have made it mandatory that the gas supply be secured during hours when schools are closed.

Other governmental bodies and consulting engineers have also recognized this need, and specify the ASCO relay panel even when not mandated by code.

ASCO relay panels may also be used in industrial and commercial installations where control of various gases and fluids are important.

Valued for silent, highly reliable operation, the ASCO 108D10C gas flow control panel operates on standard 120V 60Hz input, with an 80VDC output at 0.8A maximum, making it suitable for control of a wide range of DC solenoid valves controlling gas flow to school kitchens, domestic cooking classes, ceramic and metal shops.
The ASCO 108D90C gas flow control panel operates on 120V 60Hz input, but with 120/60VAC output for control of AC valves more commonly used in heavier duty applications. This model features a key-operated switch with manual “on” and “off” buttons directly on the cover.
Cut off gas flow in less than 0.1 seconds with an ASCO 173A19 Emergency Stop Station featuring a momentary push button. Install these in multiple stations located around the facility or classroom for safety and emergency purposes. Applicable to both 108D10C and 108D90C.
The normally-closed pushbutton of the ASCO 216C89 Master Control Station cuts off gas flow when pressed.  A key operated, normally-open switch restores gas flow.  One Master Control Station is required for each 108D10C panel installation. Not required for or applicable to 108D90C.

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