Emerson | ASCO Pulsar 451 Surge Suppressor


ASCO Pulsar 451
Surge Suppressor

Surge Suppresson for Medium to High Exposure to Energy Surges and Transients


The ASCO Pulsar 451 is a field proven, high performance surge suppressor which provides unsurpassed protection from damaging power surges and transients. Rated from 100 kA to 400kA the Pulsar 451 is typically installed at the service entrance or any location having medium to high exposure to energy surges and transients. High energy current diversion is handled by multiple, parallel systems of computer matched nonlinear voltage dependent metal oxide varistor arrays. The protection circuitry is packed with specially formulated sand and then epoxy encapsulated. This unique design insures unmatched levels of redundancy and exceptionally long product life. All Asco Pulsar 451 models are mounted in standard NEMA 12 enclosures. A door mounted status panel provides LED status indication of normal operation, under voltage, power loss, phase loss or component failure.



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