Emerson | ASCO Pulsar 450 Surge Suppressor


ASCO Pulsar 450
Surge Suppressor

Compact Surge Suppressor for Smaller Electrical Panels and Applications


The ASCO Pulsar 450 provides unparalleled protection from power surges and transients for smaller electrical panels or any application where a compact size is necessary. The ASCO Pulsar 450 is a field proven, high performance surge suppressor which limits large surges and transients through a unique array of computer matched metal oxide varistors (MOVs). It has repeatable surge current capability up to 80k amps per phase which insures the ASCO Pulsar 450 with long product life. Protection circuitry is enclosed inside a multi-cavity, glass filled plastic housing rated UL94-5V. The assembly is packed with specially formulated sand and then epoxy encapsulated. The system is UL tested at 600VAC and 300k AIC for maximum safety.  



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