ASCO 917 Lighting Contactors for Branch Circuits


ASCO 917 Lighting Contactors for Branch Circuits

The ASCO 917 remote control (RC) switch has a 20 ampere rating to 600 volts AC. It is available with 2 to 12 poles, and is the most compact multi-pole lighting contactor available. Suitable for handling all types of lighting, the ASCO 917 is listed under UL 508 for ballast, tungsten, resistive and general purpose loads. The general purpose rating is 30 amperes to 600 VAC.  
 A patented operating mechanism of the ASCO 917 results in a remote control switch that is mechanically held and electrically operated. Contacts are power driven to both the open and closed positions by a momentary pulse, thereby providing quieter operation because there is no AC hum as is experienced with magnetically-held contactors.
 The mechanically-held operation of ASCO 917 assures that it will not switch to "off" during control power failures. During such failures, magnetically-held contactors may fall into the "off" position, even though service voltage is available.


Electrical Features

  • UL Listed, CSA approved
 • Rated 20 amperes to 600 volts AC (30 amps general purpose)
 • Fully rated for all types of lighting loads, including metal halide, mercury vapor, quartz halogen, tungsten and fluorescent
 • Coils available in ratings from 110 through 480 volts
 • No derating when used open or enclosed
 • Withstand current ratings: 22,000 amps at 250 volts, 60 Hz; 14,000 amps at 480 volts, 60 Hz; 10,000 amps at 600 volts, 60 Hz
 • Available with DC ratings to 250 VDC
 • Rated for 1-1/2 horsepower at 120 VAC
 • Interrupts 300% rated current at 0.4 to 0.5 power factor
 Construction Features   
 • Accommodates 2 to 12 poles (contacts).
 • Available with normally-open, normally-closed contacts.
 • Optional 2, 4 and 6 pole contact blocks available for field modifications.
 • Optional integrally-mounted, solid-state modules allow control directly from energy management systems' programmable controllers, photocells, timers, occupancy sensors, microprocessors and communications systems.
 • Patented single-solenoid, by-directional operating mechanism.
 • Mechanically held, electrically operated with contacts power-driven to open and closed positions.
 • Optional auxiliary single-pole, double-throw contacts provide contact status.
 • Visual position indicators show open/closed position of each main contact.
 • Only 4" stud-construction walls.
 • No extra wires or contacts needed for signal lamps.
• Line, load and control terminals accept No. 18 to No. 10 AWG. wire. Terminal plates rise with the screws for fast termination.
 • Three-point mounting for fast, easy installation.
AccessoriesOptional Accessories    
 Accessory 14 - Auxiliary Contacts (to indicate status of main contacts)  
 Accessory                  Quantity of Form C                     Auxiliary
 (with suffix letter)        SPDT Contacts                          Contact Ratings
 14H                             1                                             10 amps at 277 VAC
 14HA                           2                                             10 amps at 277 VAC
 Accessory 47, 48, 49 - Solid-State Control Modules
 These Control Modules provide control flexibility. They mount directly onto the base, either at the bottom (up to 6-pole unit) or on the right side (over 6-pole unit).   
 Accessory                 Control Voltage          AC Power Requirements          DC Power
 Solid State Control Module for 2-wire control; specify letter suffix for control voltage
 47P                          12 VAC & DC              0.60 VA                                 0.32 watt
 47M                         24 VAC & DC               0.85 VA                                 0.36 watt
 47L                          120 VAC                     1.90 VA                                  -
 47N                         240 to 277 VAC            4.00 VA                                  -
 Solid-state control module for 3 wire control; specify letter suffix for control voltage
 48P                         12 VAC & DC               0.34 VA                                0.36 watt
 48M                         24 VAC & DC               0.34 VA                                0.38 watt
 48L                          120 VAC                     1.60 VA                                -
 48N                         240 to 277 VAC            2.50 VA                                -
 Solid-state control module for stop/start control (Form 3); specify letter suffix for control voltage
 49N                         12 VAC & DC               0.68 VA                               0.70 watt
 49L                          24 VAC & DC               0.70 VA                               0.72 watt
 49K                         120 VAC                      3.70 VA                               -
 49M                         240 to 277 VAC            6.00 VA


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