SiteWeb Monitoring System

Real Time Power and Environment Monitoring Platform for Telecom Applications

Dramatic developments in modern communication technology have resulted in a rapidly expanding communication network. Similarly, services and equipment requirements for BTS / equipment rooms are also increasing. As such, maintenance management of the telecom facility is getting more attention among telco operators, with greater emphasis on information access and systems integration. Today, what is needed is an integrated power and environment monitoring platform that will simplify the maintenance process.
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  • B/S architecture makes all functions accessible in IE without installing the customer software convenient for accessing the system
  • Extra large capacity to support 50,000 BTSs
  • Hardware processing unit greatly reduces the number of equipment in the monitoring center, saving space and maintenance workload for the system
  • Data flow utilizes an active reporting mechanism enabling timely response
  • Multi-channel data transmission enables real-time monitoring, preventing failures caused by database errors
  • DS server supports multi-unit backup, while the automatic load balance avoids bottleneck of widespread faults caused by the traditional monitor master
  • Third-level storage safeguard and automatic memory ensures data integrity of the centralized power and environment monitoring system