Liebert OpenComms 485 Card

Liebert OpenComms 485 Card
The Liebert OpenComms 485 Card provides SiteScan Web or Building Management Systems monitoring and control of your UPS. The card delivers, Modbus or Liebert's Proprietary protocol via the EIA-485 port.

SiteScan Web monitoring, gain access to real-time control plus the tools you need to analyze important data about your UPS. It allows the operator not only to access current data, but to interact with graphic programming logic in real-time for full control functionality. During an alarm, the system can provide instant information and a view of the UPS's actual performance. This allows for quick equipment assessment and ability to take corrective action based on current, factual information.

Building Management Systems maintain a vital role on overall operations of facilities and buildings. The Liebert OpenComms 485 Card enables the UPS integration into your current Building Management System implementation that support the open protocol standard of RTU Modbus.