Liebert OpenComms Webcard


Liebert OpenComms Webcard

For use with: Nfinity, UPStation GXT, UPStation GXT2U, and PowerSure Interactive UPS(s)

The Liebert OpenComms Web Card provides SNMP and web-based management to your UPS. The card gives you the power to monitor and control your Liebert UPS from not only your Network Management Station, but from any PC running Microsoft® Internet Explorer™. Connecting to your UPS is a simple as launching a web browser.

The Liebert OpenComms Web Card is the first UPS monitoring card to truly unleash the power of the Web, with its graphical Power Flow. The animated Power Flow allows you to quickly determine the condition of your power and the operating state of your UPS. You don’t need to sort through pages of text, so we’ve built a card that does Web like the Web was designed - with graphics and text together, giving you a window into your power.

The Liebert OpenComms Web Card integrates into your SNMP implementation and supports the UPS open standard MIB that is distributed with most Network Management Systems. Starting with our support of open standards as a baseline, the OpenComms Web Card goes a step further and extends with the Liebert Global Products MIB, which provides you Liebert-specific advanced SNMP monitoring and control capabilities.