Liebert OpenComms Nform

Liebert OpenComms Nform
Liebert OpenComms Nform software solution combines full-scale monitoring with cost-effective deployment through the use of the existing network infrastructure -- so the cost of dedicated, out-of-band communications cabling is eliminated. It is both scalable and adaptable so it can grow as your systems expand and needs change.

The software can be configured to monitor your network for alarm notifications from Liebert power protection and precision cooling equipment. These alarms, or SNMP traps, can be received by the software and processed to trigger event actions such as e-mail alerts or local notifications.

For ease of use, Liebert OpenComms Nform's graphical user interface enables you to view device status conditions through either a native SNMP interface or an HTML web browser interface. The Alarm Log will manage all alarms that are received by Liebert OpenComms Nform, notifying the user of new or active alarms, enabling the user to acknowledge active alarms, and then close and delete acknowledged alarms. Built-in authentication can control which users have access to configure the Liebert OpenComms Nform settings.

Liebert OpenComms Nform will monitor any Liebert SNMP devices that support a network interface, such as the Liebert OpenComms Web card and the Liebert OpenComms NIC. The customizable navigation tree provides the flexibility to design an Liebert OpenComms Nform user interface around your network layout. Authenticated alarm management and event notification ensures that alarms are detected and acted upon, which allows problems to be quickly resolved. Liebert OpenComms Nform centralizes the management of your distributed Liebert network equipment.