Liebert Multiport 4 Relay Contact Multiplexing Unit


Liebert Multiport 4 Relay Contact Multiplexing Unit

Multiplexing Device to Enable UPS Monitoring and Shutdown Communications

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Liebert MultiPort 4 relay contact multiplexing unit communicates the On Battery and Low Battery status of a single UPS to connected PC's, servers, or workstations. The user-installable, hot-swappable card provides UPS communications to a host computer and up to four additional computer systems with the Liebert IntelliRack multiplexing unit or UPS systems equipped with the Liebert Intellislot communication port.

Liebert Multiport 4 relay contact multiplexing device allows UPS monitoring for multiple computer systems running Liebert MultiLink or other shutdown software.

  • Relay multiplexing unit supports 5 computers
  • Offers hot-swappable user-installation in Intellislot communication port
  • Communicates with Liebert MultiLink automated shutdown software


  • Shutdown communications for up to five computers connected to a single UPS — a host computer connected to the factory-installed UPS communications port and up to four client computers connected via Liebert MultiPort.
  • Compatible with Liebert MultiLink shutdown software.

Higher Availability

  • When a utility power failure or low battery condition is detected, Liebert MultiPort provides a signal to each connected computer.

Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership

  • Easy user installation in the Intellislot communication port of select Liebert UPS systems.
  • Maximizes the effectiveness of a single UPS system.

Ideally Suited For

  • Liebert NX on-line UPS
  • Liebert Nfinity® on-line UPS
  • Liebert GXT on-line UPS
  • Liebert PSI line-interactive UPS

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