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Battery Monitoring

Preventing battery failure is essential for delivering maximum availability. Liebert products incorporate Alber technology to extend battery life, reduce maintenance cost and increase safety.

Diagnostic system designed for lower cell count applications such as telecom or stationary battery systems. It identifies potential problems by continuously monitoring parameters such as cell voltage, overall string voltage, current and temperature. Automatic periodic tests of battery internal resistance verify the operating integrity of the battery.
Battery monitoring system that mounts to the top of a UPS battery cabinet and monitors 12 volt sealed batteries. The easy-to-use system tracks internal resistance, predicting and reporting failing conditions prior to complete failure to allow proactive replacement.
Emerson Network Power offers the latest in UPS battery monitoring technology with products by Albér — a leader in the field since 1972. Albér technologies are designed to prevent battery failure, optimize useful battery life, reduce maintenance cost and increase safety. 
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