Liebert RDU-M


Liebert RDU-M

Dynamic Environment Monitoring for Secure Data Center Infrastructure

​Manage critical equipment activity involving data center power and thermal management at multiple sites and site monitoring around the clock. Emerson Network Power provides 24x7 data center infrastructure management and network monitoring software, hardware, systems and services to provide continuous oversight and security of data centers, computer rooms and network closets, as well as applications for different market verticals.
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  • ​Offers a user-friendly GUI to set up and manage data center infrastructure appliances
  • Real-time monitoring on environmental, power, cooling, and security in data center
  • Video surveillance supports video recording/back up/replaying/picture capturing/voice transmission/timed recording and recording action triggered by alarm
  • Room access control management
  • Relay actions triggered by alarm or events
  • Alarm notification by Email, SMS
  • Report and analysis on data center/device operation; PUE statistics
Requirements on Client Operating Environment​ ​
WEB Browser IE 6.0 or above version
Hardware Configuration Hard disk: 1G and above, memory, 1G and above,
network card, 10MB and above
Network Bandwidth​ OptimizeIT server bandwidth: 10MB and above
Client bandwidth requirement: 10MB and above​


Power Supply
AC power supply equipment (each power supply equipment)​
RDU-MP 350W, Auto Ranging(100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz).
RDU-MI 350W, Auto Ranging(100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz)
RDU-MII Redundant power infeed, 350W x 2, Auto Ranging
(100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz).​
Voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz​
Maximum Surge Current Under the typical circuit condition and within the operating range of the overall system environment, the surge current of every power equipment is likely to reach 25A within 10millisecond or even a shorter time.


Weight​ 8Kg​ 8Kg​ 15Kg​
Dimension​ 42.6 x 431 x 393.7 (mm)​ 42.6 x 431 x 393.7 (mm)​ 42.9 x 434.0 x 612.6 (mm)​
1.67” x 17.1” x 15.5”​ 1.67” x 17.1” x 15.5”​ 1.69” x 17.10” x 24.12”​
​(with mounting bracket and bezel) ​ ​
RDU Integration​ 2-layers​ 2-layers​ 3-layers​
Quantity allowed <=32 (IP Address) <=128 (IP Address)​ <=256 (IP Address)
and <=16 RDU-M​


Video Surveillance
Camera Type Not Available ​ IP Camera (Dome/Box)​ IP Camera (Dome/Box)​
Quantity allowed None <=64 (IP Address) <=256 (IP Address)
Quantity of door access
controller allowed
<=32 <=64 <=256



Technical Specifications