Liebert RDU-A


Liebert RDU-A

Intelligent Monitoring Solution

​The Liebert® RDU-A intelligent monitoring hardware is an intelligent monitoring platform from Emerson Network Power that allows data center administrators to combine monitoring of the equipments, environment and safety of the facility altogether. Its flexible structural design enables the user to customize configurations according to the specific requirements of the IT infrastructure operations.

Redirected to​​
The Liebert® RDU-A allows data center managers to perform the following operations through a secure web page:
  • Monitoring of the health and status of the equipment
  • Environment temperature and humidity
  • Transmission of control or commands to the equipment and parameter setting
  • Data and logs of historical information of alarms and noti􀂻 cations
3rd Party Communications:
  • SNMP
  • Modbus 485
  • Contact Closure

Mechanical Specifications

Components​ ​Size (L x W x H, unit:mm) Weight (unit:kg)​
RDU-A host​ 483.0 × 286.0 × 40.3​ < 5​
Power module​ 198.2 × 108.0 × 42.6​ < 1​
IRM-E04COM board​ 122.0 × 180.0 × 20.0​ < 0.5​

Environment Conditions

Item​ Requirement​
Application location​ In data center or computer room, with air conditioner
Working temperature​ -10ºC ~ +50ºC​
Relative humidity​ 5%RH ~ 95%RH, no condensing​
Working environment​ Dust: compliant with the indoor requirements of GR-63. No corrosive gas,
flammable gas, oily mist, steam, water drops or salt​
Air pressure​ 70kpa ~ 106kpa​
Storage temperature​ -40ºC ~ +70ºC​
Cooling​ Natural cooling​
Power distribution network​ TT/TN​
Protection level​ IP20​
 Technical Specifications