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Aperture Infrastructure Process Manager

Take Control of the Data Center



Many organizations strive to achieve the “five nines” of uptime in the data center. However, in order to reach 99.999% uptime, special care and coordination between your technology, processes and people must be considered. Key guidelines to consider include:

  • Clearly defined processes to help simplify goals into systematic tasks
  • Systems to guide people through the process
  • Accurate and complete information to make decisions
  • Coordination and communication of activities between team members

These guidelines are especially critical for the data center environment, where complexity and changes prevail on a continuous basis. In an environment inundated with a variety of equipment with differing requirements and needs and expectations to deliver against limited resources, processes within the data center must be consistent, predictable, enable coordination of resources and provide complete operational control.

Aperture Infrastructure Process Manager
Aperture is an enterprise-wide solution providing the necessary operation control of the people and processes within the data center to ensure plans are executed efficiently and accurately. Aperture Infrastructure Process Manager revolutionizes the way companies actually manage the data center environment by defining best practice processes and providing a platform for precise and consistent execution as well as a framework for continuous improvement. Standardized, predictable methods, inherent within Aperture Infrastructure Process Manager, to manage equipment installs, moves and decommissions of equipment in the data center minimize the impact of changes on the quality of service and improves overall operations.

Tightly integrated with Aperture Data Center Configuration Manager, it helps to reduce risks associated with changes and is completely configurable to meet the specific requirements of different organizations.

Brochures and Data Sheets

With capabilities reaching far beyond other offerings in the market, Aperture Infrastructure Process Manager is flexible to grow with the needs of your evolving data center management organization:

  • Request lists can be filtered by different criteria for better organization and focus
  • Configurable emails to meet the needs of the team
  • Five levels of escalation to progressively warn more team members of key projects
  • Sub-process workflows to organize and coordinate sets of activities
  • Process signals to allow for better coordination of parallel workflows and activities
  • Robust decommission process to help eliminate ghost servers and improve energy efficiency


Aperture Infrastructure Process Manager Install Form supports all the tasks associated with a particular process.