Chloride Cddi, 500W to 4.8kW | Integrated Power Protection Systems | Emerson Network Power


Chloride Cddi
0.5 to 4.8kW

The Chloride Cddi is an isolated DC/DC converter which ensures 3 major functions:

  • Converting the input DC voltage (220Vdc or 110Vdc) into a regulated output DC voltage (24Vdc or 48Vdc)
  • Keeping the output DC voltage within the tolerances accepted by the supplied load
  • Ensuring the galvanic isolation between input and output
  • High conversion ratio (>10) to convert a 110Vdc or 220Vdc input into 24Vdc or 48Vdc output
  • Galvanic isolation between input and output
  • Possibility to back-up 2 different DC voltages with the same battery (in 110Vdc or 220Vdc nominal)
  • Stand-alone or integrated within a UPS system
  • Parallelable (2 units) to increase available power or ensure redundancy
  • Wide input voltage tolerance
  • Good output voltage regulation (+/-1 %)
  • Compatible with industrial operating temperature requirements (40°C))
Key Features