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Battery Circuit Protection Box
The battery protection device is housed in a wall-mounted metal box. This device serves as a safety element for the cross section of the power cable between the UPS and the remotely placed battery. That's why it is recommended that the battery protection device be installed as close as possible to the battery and the length of cables between the battery and the UPS system be the shortest possible.
  • Design of the battery circuit protection box according to the project requirements (operational and environmental conditions)
  • Sizing of the protection device (fuse or circuit breaker) calculated according to the battery capacity and to the rated current.
  • IP 55 or IP 66 (explosion-proof) wall-mounted box
  • Battery circuit protected by fuse, fuse switch or circuit breaker
  • Possible integration of undervoltage coil or tripping coil to prevent the battery from deep discharges and/or to remotely open the battery circuit
  • Possible integration of a black-start function and/or an ESD Reset function
Key Features