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Chloride AVR
5 to 500 kVA

The Chloride Industrial Power AC Voltage Stabilizer AVR is a robust electronic servo-controlled stabiliser.
It is available from 5 to 250 kVA in single-phase configuration and from 5 to 500 kVA in three-phase configuration.

Its function is to regulate and adjust the AC voltage so that the AVR output voltage is kept constant and within a defined tolerance, regardless of the AC input voltage fluctuations.

The Chloride AVR is available either stand-alone or integrated within a UPS system.

  • 30 years design life with appropriate recommended servicing
  • Stand-alone or integrated within a UPS system
  • Highly flexible through a wide choice of voltages and options
  • Low internal impedance capable of sustaining high surge current
  • Very low wave form distortion with any type of load
  • Ability to maintain +/-1% output voltage accuracy over the full range of input voltage variation, from 0 to 100% load.
Key Features