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Trellis™ Power Insight Application

Trellis™ Power Insight Application, the monitoring software for for the Liebert® GXT3™, GXT4™, or APM™ UPS systems, gives you powerful visibility into the status and operation of your power equipment.

The Trellis™ Power Insight Application is designed to monitor unlimited number of Liebert rack UPS devices and provides real-time trending for critical UPS performance including voltage and current utilization.

With the Trellis™ Power Insight Application:​​​​

  • Monitor Emerson power devices with a web-based app
  • Manage alarms with alerts and notifications
  • Display a system overview dashboard using monitored data
  • Export and print data and charts
  • Globally search for devices
  • Simplified equipment management
  • Immediately identify problems
  • Decrease response time
  • Eliminate manual data collection
  • Simply and clearly explain performance to management

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