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Aperture Integrated Resource Manager

Reducing operational costs is at the top of every IT organization's "to-do" list. IT executives are focused on creating the most efficient operating environments possible in order to extend the life of data centers, reduce energy consumption and capital expenditure and maximize the use of existing resources . But optimizing data center performance is difficult with the ad-hoc mix of tools typically used to plan and manage operations. IT organizations lack visibility into actual resource usage, thwarting their efforts to maximize use, understand impact on cost and accurately project resource needs.

Aperture Integrated Resource Manager
For the first time ever, IT organizations can now strategically manage resources to achieve an optimal balance between costs and service, reduce capital expenditure and increase resource and process efficiency. Aperture Integrated Resource Manager integrates real-world data from disparate systems, devices and facilities into a single, holistic view of the data center. Uniquely, the solution computes a risk-adjusted value that represents the actual load on resources down to the rack level. The result is actionable operational information that helps IT successfully analyze and manage data center resources, maximize utilization and improve process efficiency.

Brochures and Data Sheets
  • Extend the life of data centers by aggregating real-time data from multiple systems, devices and facilities for comprehensive insight over time.
  • Improve capacity planning across all data centers with data normalized into a single format across heterogeneous systems.
  • Reap the benefits of high density architecture and reduce costs with risk-adjusted values that offer increased visibility into actual load and remaining headroom.
  • Streamline densification projects with data automatically gathered, consolidated and normalized.
  • Manage as aggressively or conservatively as required with user-defined risk thresholds for data centers, zones, racks and equipment used for specific applications.
  • Quickly ascertain power usage effectiveness and infrastructure efficiency with a visual management dashboard, multiple standardized reports and easily configured custom reports.


The three icons may represent data centers, groups of devices or a unique device - customizable by the user. Several backgrounds (this rear "layer" is static) are offered out-of-the-box, or user-defined backgrounds can be substituted. The icons* will flash when one or more alarm conditions within the center, a group of devices or a single device crosses a defined threshold. In most cases a drill-down capability is offered, providing quick visibility into the room, rack or device within the Aperture UI.

*each is a floating front "layer", appearing along the bottom of the screen at time of configuration. The icons are drag-n-drop, placed by the user against the background.