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Firetrol® FTA200 alarm panels are designed to meet the NFPA 20 specifications requiring a remote alarm panel when the pump house or pump room is not constantly attended. The alarm panel must be installed in a location that is under supervision at all times.
These alarm panels are listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., in accordance with UL508, Standard for Industrial Controls, certified by CSA, Standard for Industrial Control Equipment (cUL), approved by the New York City Bureau of Electrical Control and Board of Standards and Appeals and Factory Mutual. They are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the approving authorities listed above, as well as NFPA 20, Installation of Centrifugal Fire Pumps.
The standard enclosures are NEMA Type 2 (IEC IP11), drip-proof for indoor wall mounting. The standard enclosure color is red.

The following are included as standard as shown with each alarm panel type:

Type F — Designed for use with diesel engine driven fi re pump controllers, they provide indication for the following conditions:

  • Supervisory Voltage Normal (Visible Only)
  • Engine Trouble (Audible & Visible)
  • Engine Running (Audible & Visible)
  • Main Switch Mis-Set (Audible & Visible)

FTA200 alarm panels make use of printed circuit boards which provide reliable and trouble free service.

Mounted on the enclosure door are the pilot lights for visible alarm indication, the audible device for audible alarm indication, the SILENCE ALARM push-button and the PUSH-TO-TEST push-button.

Each pilot light will illuminate to indicate its alarm condition and will remain lighted until the abnormal condition has been corrected. The audible alarm will sound when the alarm conditions occur and will continue to sound until the abnormal condition has been corrected or the SILENCE ALARM push-button has been pressed. Pressing the SILENCE ALARM push-button will silence the audible alarm but will not extinguish the pilot light. If another alarm condition occurs, the audible alarm will again sound until silenced by the SILENCE ALARM push-button or until the abnormal condition has been corrected.

The PUSH-TO-TEST push-button is supplied for manually testing the pilot lights, audible alarm and output circuits.

Special Enclosures
-F NEMA Type 4X, 304 stainless (IEC IP56)
-Y NEMA Type 1 (IEC IP10) Flush Mount Painted Steel
Consult Factory for other style enclosures.
Standard Remote Alarms
-AU Low Fuel Level
-AV Low Pump Room Temperature
-AW Reservoir Low
-AY Low Suction Pressure
-AJ Engine Overspeed
-AK Low Oil Pressure
-AL High Water Temperature
-AM Engine Failed To Start
-AN Battery/Charger Failure
-AP Main Switch In Manual
-AR Main Switch In Off
-AS Main Switch In Auto
-LC High Fuel Level
-LE Fuel Spill
-EG Relief Valve Discharge
-EJ Flow Meter On
Non-Standard Remote Alarms

When ordering, specify the number of alarms required, the function of each and the nameplate marking of each.

-LA Substitute Amber for Red Pilot Lights. To meet local code requirements.
-BA Operation on 220-240 Volts. Panel is supplied as standard for operation on 110-120 volts.
-BS “Pump Start” Pushbutton. Mounted on enclosure door.
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