EnergyMaster ENEC


EnergyMaster ENEC

Monitoring Software for Telecom And Datacom Networks

ENEC Enterprise and ENEC Lite are software applications for remote management of equipment in telecom and datacom networks. This software can be used for remote and local management of energy systems, standby generators, UPS, cooling systems and other external equipment in buildings. ENEC Enterprise is suitable for large Energy Operation Centers (EOCs) while ENEC Lite is recommended for small monitoring centers and local maintenance.


  • For monitoring of up to 250 sites
  • Basic monitoring & control features
  • For installation on a laptop or regular computer

ENEC Enterprise

  • For monitoring of thousands of sites
  • Advanced monitoring features such as:
    • SMS and alarm email upgrade
    • Webcam
    • Door access control
      Interface with other systems (SNMP, ARS, TCP/IP)
    • Graphical navigation
  • Features SSL, unlimited number of users and no limit of communication processes


Decrease loss of revenue and improve customer satisfaction
Minimize downtime
Solve problems faster with advanced alarm identification

Reduce and optimize preventive and corrective maintenance
Diagnose problems remotely
Reduce on-site travel with advanced alarm identification
Perform remote battery tests

Improve investment planning
Plant reengineering – know the necessary resources (how much, where and when) ahead of time

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