Three-Phase Inverter System

Inverters for Reliable AC Powered Equipment Operation

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Emerson Network Power’s three phase inverter systems are designed to ensure reliable operation of AC powered equipment. Wireline/ wireless networks, IP networks and other critical loads require a highly reliable power source throughout the entire network. All subsystems have to support this attribute, including energy conversion devices.
Inverter products in the Energy Systems line meet these requirements in a space-efficient and cost-effective way.
  • Three-phase output
  • Reliable and conditioned output power
  • Sinusoidal output voltage
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • 0 leading - 0 lagging
  • Slide-in termination
  • Democratic system, no master/slave
  • Stand alone module for integration in 19" rack
  • Parallel systems for integration in 19" rack
  • Optional static transfer switch
  • Standalone cabinet, parallel operation
  • Optional static transfer switch
  • Optional AC distribution
  • Features
    • High efficiency
    • Common battery backup with DC supply system
    • Wide input voltage range

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