​Netsure™ 531 A31

Embedded High-Frequency Switch Mode Power System

The Netsure™ 531 A32 series from Emerson Network Power is a fully-integrated DC power system consisting of a rectifier and controller that provides maximum efficiency for mobile communication applications such as LTE and FTTx deployments or macro stations. It is designed to meet the high-efficiency demands of mobile applications, with high reliability, high power density, and fully digital features. The built-in high efficiency R48-2000e3 rectifier also provides ultra high efficiency of up to 96%, significantly improving energy efficiency.
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  • ​The data center area and the installation cost can be saved due to its small size and embedded installation 
  • Wide input voltage range(85 300Vac), strong ability in adapting power grid 
  • Rectifier working temperature range: -40 +80°C 
  • Supports ECO sleep technology, High-efficiency and common rectifier can be mixed in the system 
  • Efficiency of rectifier is above 96%, efficiency of system is above 95% 
  • Battery management, which prolongs the working life of battery 
  • Provide multiple communication ports such as RS232, Ethernet port, dry contacts, etc, for flexible networking to achieve remote monitoring
Netsure 531 A31​​
System Capacity
M221S / M830B
Max: 3×R48-2000e3/R48-2000A3
AC distribution
Battery Capture
DC distribution
8 Routes:1×50A/1P, 3×32A/1P, 4×16A/1P 6 Routes:1×40A/1P, 2×30A/1P, 3×20A/1P
Lightning Protection (Optional)
C-level lightning protection at AC side(20kA),  D-level lightning protection at DC side (10kA)
Dry Contact
M221S or M830B:4 alarm outputs(8 alarm outputs is optional )
Top Cover, Temperature Sensor, Battery Rack, Extended Board, LVD2



​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Technical Specifications